On page 6 of the manual, it says 'use the enclosed ruler to check the main chamber for proper inflation'. How do I do this?

asked on 2 January 2021

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Hi, I just pumped both the bottom and the top according to how I felt it should be, usually once you get some resistance with the pump gives you the necessary guide that it is sufficiently inflated.
Sara Thurbon
· 3 January 2021
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the K1 came with a small, soft plastic ruler, which was in the same plastic bag as the manual and other pieces, from memory. It would be easy to overlook whilst unpacking everything. Having watched several videos on unboxing and using this kayak, before purchasing, I was expecting to find it. It works well for getting the inflation exactly right, laying the ruler over the markings on the kayak and inflating until they line up.
D. Murray
· 3 January 2021
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There were a few things on the Manual that I think were out-dated to the actual product. I also did not receive a ruler and do not see it as necessary. We follow the ‘firm but not hard’ rule for inflation of both chambers it it works well.
· 2 January 2021
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