Alexa Communication

Introducing Alexa Communication

You can use your supported Echo device or the Alexa App on your supported mobile phone. Call or message almost anyone—for free. When you're busy making dinner, just ask Alexa to place a call to Mom or send a quick voice message to a friend. You can also enable Drop In for when you want to instantly connect with other Echo devices in your home, or your closest family and friends. Learn more about Alexa Communication.

Getting started is easy:

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Download the updated Alexa App

Complete setup by verifying your mobile number and importing contacts

Tell your friends


Keep your household in sync

Drop In

Drop In is an optional feature that helps you connect instantly, hands free. Use Drop In on your supported Echo devices at home to ask questions or have a quick conversation with the family. For example, you can drop in from your mobile Alexa App to your kitchen Echo device to ask what time dinner will be ready.

To get started say, “Alexa, drop in” to your Echo device. You can rename your Echo devices in the Alexa App. to more easily drop in around the house—you might want to name a device after the room it is in.

You can also use Drop In to communicate with close friends and family outside the home by granting Drop In permissions to your selected contacts. UTTARANCE

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Alexa Calling


Making calls with Alexa is easy, reach people on their supported Echo device or the Alexa App Once your contacts are synced in the Alexa App, just ask Alexa to call any of your contacts by name. You can also make video calls to friends and family on your Echo Show, Echo Show 5 or Echo Show 8.

You can also receive calls from other Echo devices or the Alexa App. If someone is calling, Alexa will announce the incoming caller and a green light ring will appear on your Echo device. You can ask Alexa to answer or ignore the call.


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Be together more with friends and family


You can also use Alexa to easily send and receive messages to other Alexa Communication users. Simply say “Alexa, send a message” and a voice recording of your message will be delivered to your contact’s Echo device and Alexa App. If your contact doesn’t yet own a supported Echo device, they can download the free Alexa App to send and receive Alexa messages.

When you receive a new Alexa message you’ll hear a chime and see a yellow light ring on your Echo device. If your device has a screen, you will see a message icon. Just say “Alexa, play my messages.” You will also be notified in the Alexa App so you can stay in touch wherever you are.

Android users can also ask Alexa to send SMS messages to their contacts hands-free with Alexa, using their mobile phone. UTTARANCE

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Frequently asked questions

How do I set up Alexa Communication?

Download the latest Alexa App then complete set-up by verifying your mobile number and importing contacts. Learn more about Alexa Communication.

Who can I call and message?

You can call or message any contact who also has the free Alexa App on their smartphone, an Amazon Echo, Echo Dot, Echo Plus or Echo Show 8, and has enabled Alexa Communication and verified their mobile number.

What if I have an Echo and my dad has an Echo Dot—can we still call or message each other?


What if my friends don’t have an Echo, can I still call or message them from mine?

Yes! Those friends would simply need to download the free Amazon Alexa App on their smartphone, available on iOS and Android, verify their mobile number and enable Alexa Communication.

When would I use Drop In instead of calling?

In the vast majority of cases you’ll use calling. Drop In is for when you want to quickly connect to another Echo in your home or your closest family and friends.

Can I specify who gets to Drop In on me?

Yes – you choose who, if anyone, can drop in on you. You also choose which devices are available for Drop In – for example, you might turn on Drop In for the Echo in the kitchen, but not for the Echo Dot in the lounge room.

How much does Alexa Communication cost?

It’s available at no additional cost.

Can I call internationally?

Yes, you can call from your supported Echo device to another Echo device to any location where Alexa Communication is available. Make sure your contact has signed up to Alexa Communication so you can connect for free.

Where can I learn more?

Check out our help page to learn more about Alexa Communication.


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