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Reviewed in Australia on 13 May 2020
I was excited when I tested it out. Was really surprised it actually stayed in my ear (tried shaking my head aggressively, and it did not budge, yay!).

Sound quality is actually alright with me. I did notice the bass was a bit lacking, and I don't even listen to bass heavy stuff, I listen to mostly rock and classical so yeah. But you can easily adjust the EQ on your device so it's a-okay.

The MAJOR problem I had with this was its microphone. It was basically non-existent when I tried it. I had several phone calls and people always complain about not hearing me. Did a mic test and sure enough, the earbuds did not pick up my voice. When I tried taking out the earbud and talking directly into the earbud, then I hear myself but even then, it kinda sounds muffled and the sound was not consistent. I don't know if it's my device or am I missing some setup? If I am, please tell me cause then this would be a very great pair of earbuds.
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