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Reviewed in Australia on 28 April 2020
Malcom Turnbull is at once erudite and blunt in his assessment of his time in politics in Australia. It is fair to say that his ego also played a role in the writing. I believe though that it is ego that propels most politicians and it is probably a prerequisite to climbing the ladder to Prime Minster.

I am what I would term to have a fringe interest in politics and get most of my information from the news and articles that I come across. This book has given me an in-depth look at all of the decision making and intrigues that go into the policy decisions for Malcom’s time in parliament. I now have a much more nuanced view of the how and the why of those policy’s that have shaped my latter existence. That is not to say I agree with all the policy’s, I am a labour supporter, but appreciate that sometimes policy’s are more about the bigger picture and of course pragmatism plays a role. It has also shown me the role the media play in manipulating my understanding of political events. All this is ably presented as are the heart on sleeve assessments of colleagues and foes alike. If you have been mentioned in the book you will be left in no doubt about his feelings be that good or bad. On the whole though I was with Malcolm in how I too felt about many of the characters mentioned. Like me though you will need to put your personal political ideology aside and read this objectively as politics generally get a bruising. Deservedly so.
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