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Reviewed in Australia on 27 December 2020
+ Life-like fur
- Lots of loose fur to start off with, needs a good brush in first use.

+ Life-like sounds, meows, ours, heartbeat etc.
- Meows way way to often, it's constant once it gets going to the point of being annoying and unrealistic. Any real cat meowing that much has issues.. Fortunately it has a mute switch which you will set it to after the first hour and leave it there.

+ Good range of movements, rolls on it's belly, raises it's paw to mouth, turns head.
- Very loud mechanical noise when it moves
- Cannot have firm hold on cat as when it tried to move it cannot overcome your arms/hands so you can hear the motor and gears slipping. Imagine prolonged exposure to this will break it.

Overall it is the most realistic robot cat I've ever seen. Bought for a child that loves cats and she is wrapped.
Took it to grandma's who has dementia and she really believed it was a real cat.

3.5/5 stars - Overall very realistic but let down by overuse of the meowing and the issue with the cats movement while holding it.
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