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Reviewed in Australia on 12 March 2019
It's good to see a "self-help" book with some meat to chew on. Jordan B Peterson is a controversial figure so you won't necessarily agree with everything he says in this book. But it will make you think which is what a good book should do. At the heart of the 12 rules is the belief that suffering is a part of life and we need to choose to face it or run in the opposite direction. Running in the opposite direction away from suffering is, according to Peterson, a denial of life itselft. So, obviously, Peterson believes we need to choose to face it. His 12 rules are intended to help us do that.
Don't be mislead by the seemingly simple nature of the rules such as Stand up straight with your shoulders back or Tell the truth – or, at least, don't lie. These are merely pithy ways of referring to some challenging ideas on the way to live our lives. This is a book to chew on and to think critically about -- and may provide you with some significant ideas on how to live in the chaos of the modern world.
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