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Reviewed in Australia on 20 September 2020
The Echo Show 8 (Show) arrived in good condition and was delivered well ahead of the (initial) expected date. Thanks go to Amazon (Au) and Australia Post.

I purchased the Show to replace a radio (love listening to my favourite station whilst cooking-up a storm) and tablet (recipes and cooking tutorials), to essentially lessen the clutter on my kitchen bench top (the Show performs the functions of both and more). I housed the Show on my kitchen bench (approx. 15cm from wall). Incidentally, three points to consider on such a placement:
1. drape plastic wrap over the show to prevent
soiling of the Show's fabric covering (especially if
you have "little helpers").
2. place the Show on a plate to offer protection
against accidental spills.
3. cleaning bench tops (especially with disinfectant
wipes) may affect the integrity of the cabinet
fabric covering, over time.
The option of a plastic cabinet maybe a better alternative for such placements.

After the initial set-up, I was eager to stream my favourite station (via Radio App 6IX). What a shock I received. What greeted me was a distorted and boomy noise (initial sound settings set to 50%). Furthermore, my kitchen bench top was clearly vibrating in accordance to the noise, produced by the Show. What a disappointment! I changed the sound settings to minimal bass. The issue was not satisfactorily resolved: still an unacceptable noise being produced and a resonating bench top - albeit with a reduction (I appreciate this is a Lo-Fi device). Subsequently, I have purchased the plastic stand (approx. Au$40) for the Show. Whilst the addition of the stand solved the issue of the shaking bench top, the overall tonal balance was still distorted and bassy - most unacceptable to me. Only as a last resort ... will I use the radio function on the Show.

Nevertheless, the show's display is quite good, (although, probably not up to the standard of your home TV - in terms of vivid colours, image sharpness and video motion) but is very acceptable for an assisted device, in this class (particularly for still video eg. recipes etc.).

Alexa functions best when presented with simple single discrete commands. I have found her error rate to be exceedingly low when such commands are given.

Currently, I don't use the show. Therefore, it's of little value to me (buyers remorse?). I have gone back to using my old radio and tablet. This works best, for me.
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