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Reviewed in Australia on 13 March 2020
This device has a quite narrow and specific target market. People who are serious enough coffee snobs that they want to be able to pull an espresso shot in the middle of nowhere. People for whom plungers, or even mocha pots aren't good enough, they are such insufferable coffee snobs that they have to have espresso.

Obviously, I fall squarely in this target market.

Using the device isn't terribly easy or quick, but I suspect that can't be avoided. Espresso needs hot water, finely ground coffee and high pressure. To get those to combine in a quite reasonably priced, 300g device isn't terribly easy. However, it isn't overly difficult and with a small amount of practice you will be pumping out shots of high quality coffee.

The only real niggle I have is the size of the coffee basket. At a mere 8g, to get a decently strong coffee, you need to do 2 shots, which is quite a faff around. As such, you are not going to volunteer to make a coffee for anyone else and yourself. Again however, I suspect that's almost certainly a limitation imposed the requirements to make an espresso.

In summation, it's quite small; reasonably priced and makes excellent espresso. After about 1 month, I'm particularly happy with it. If anything pops up to change my mind, I'll update this review.
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