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Reviewed in Australia on 22 June 2020
Was skeptical with all the hyper for years around the 'Aeropress' and how much of a difference this would really make to me coffee routine. During the pandemic, i had more time to brew coffee at home so i ordered one to try, the unit is surprisingly more compact than what I had anticipated - even from the pictures provided and description. It doesn't take up much space in the cupboard and if you stack the plunger in the main cylinder it's even smaller. I think there is an opportunity for an accessory for the unit to be hung in a small stand where the plunger tip (the all important rubber) is not touching the ground and can air dry BUT you can then use the empty space of the plunger to hold the scoop and paddle - reducing their space as well. Coffee/ food for thought.

Using the unit is super straight forward, use filter grade coffee - follow the guidelines around setting up the unit; which are put filter paper in and lock the nozzle in place. I would suggest re-washing the filter paper before hand as it can have a bit of a taste which will impact your coffee. Fill with one scope of ground coffee and you're ready to go - I use 80 degrees centigrade water as I find 90 and 100 give it a slight bitter edge. Pour to the level you want ( start with 1, I go to 2 for a long black), mix with the paddle for 10-15 seconds and start gently pressing. Before you know it; you're done.

Cleaning wise, once you done pressing and extracting every last drop (don't press too hard) you can simply take the end filter off and easily eject the used coffee grounds into the bin. A simple wipe or rinse of the end and that's all the detailed cleaning you need to do!

I am now experimenting with different roasts and blends to find the best setup. Highly recommend this unit and it's now even replaced my Nespresso for making a strong and delicious cup of coffee in the morning.
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