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Reviewed in Australia on 1 July 2021
OK, so one of the main features of the Oasis is the physical page turn buttons. The 'click' is annoying and loud with no way to reduce the noise I can find. As my eyesight isn't great, I have the font a little larger than normal, so I read a page FAST, so it is 'click, click, click'. During the day it is very annoying - but at night it is impossible to use this feature at all as it is loud enough to disturb my partner. Thankfully you can still tap the screen to turn a page.

I do like the feature in Display Settings that allows you to make the Display Size large. This means the keyboard is larger and easier for me to navigate. The warm light is also a nice feature.

Basically being unable to turn off the 'click' noise for the page turn buttons makes this a big disappointment and not really worth the money I paid. Also Battery life was also a big draw card for me - so far it seems that it will NOT live up to the hype. I haven't used the Kindle for a week yet, but it seems to be draining the battery quite quickly with the little use I have given it.
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