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Reviewed in Australia on 12 February 2019
This would be a great product if it was reliable. Unfortunately, in addition to getting burning hot whenever I use it, it broke after less than a year and now the HDMI drops out unreliably. Since the cable is now bad, it also drops out all the USB plugged into it which causes unpredictable behaviour in my computer.
It might be ok for occasional use but if you are counting on this thing to let you give presentations from your laptop, that's something that can NEVER fail or you will find yourself in front of a room of people waiting while you make excuses.
The design needs to better enforce the plug-in point of the cable because any time you stick the HDMI cable in, it causes a sharp flex point right where the cable comes out of the USB-C plug, which I assume is what has made it start failing.
Likewise, the HDMI should come out the side, not the end as this both creates an overly large footprint/form factor as well as causing stress on the cable at all times.
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