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Reviewed in Australia on 29 June 2020
* Updated FEB2021 - I have now been using this product since its release, and other than the initial issues below, the mesh system has worked flawlessly the entire time. Range is fantastic, speed great and reliability A+.
Highly recommended to increase your current wireless coverage and eliminate dead spots.
Let me start with those of you, that have a simple home network, but want wifi coverage throughout your home and property. This product will probably do this for you with minimal setup and time. The App will guide you through the process and within maybe 30 minutes you will be up and running, and your 'experience' will be a good one.

For those of you that have a larger home setup (nearly 100 IP connections), and have multiple wired connections with fixed IP addresses, and you want to communicate between these fixed IP connections and wireless ones, then I suggest you grab a coffee and listen up.

This system is a nightmare, lets start with what you don't get:
1) A manual. The box has 3 simple steps. Unfortunately that doesn't cut it for a proper network. The website only has FAQ's, and those are designed for the most basic questions. There are no diagrams, no instructions, no nothing
2) The website also only shows the Version 1 of this product, and any phone support is in the USA.

When you install it, it will assign a whole new IP range to the wireless connections that is different to your fixed addresses, so communication between the two is not possible. the App does give you options, they are:
1) Change the modem to a manual address in the app..... It doesn't work
2) Change your existing router/modem to be 'bridge'.... this didn't work. Note I have a Telstra NBN connection and the router does have a bridge mode, but did not work with the Eero even when wired correctly

Over the course of 3 days, I would have reset and tried at least 20 times, with every possible combination of wiring and settings to get nowhere. Please also note I am not a novice, and have reasonable network knowledge.

In the end I did what website doesn't recommend and put the Eero into 'bridge mode' itself. Only then did it work correctly and reliably. Basically this means the Eero's simply pass through any wireless traffic to your existing router, and it handles the IP assignment, and leaves the Eero 'dumb' as opposed to the 'smartness' it should be!

For anyone with my issue, this will save you hours of frustration, when in bridge mode, the following happened:
1) Each Eero indicated correctly if it was wireless or hardwired
2) The network became reliable and the connection speed were excellent
3) My property is approx 1100 square metres, and I have one unit downstairs, one upstairs, and one outside. I now can get full signal anywhere on my property, the range is fantastic
4) With the App you can see what is connected to each Eero, as well as the signal strength, and you can also name each connection, so it is easy to identify every connected devices on your network (including hardwired devices, even if not connected through the Eero)

To start, you are required to setup an account, to me that is more or a security issue than a benefit, but it does allow you to operate the App away from home and see your connected devices.

Sorry for the long post, but I really hated the lack of information, to make installation easier on a complex network. It has now been installed for 2 days and is working faultlessly. I also have some old iPads, that seem to have a new life, as their connection speed has improved considerably.
Others things I would have expected:
1) Although each Eero and all connected devices show a signal strength (like your phone signal strength), I would have expected to see a much better display of the connection between Eeros, and show how each Eero is connected to each other (to help better placement and range)
2) A web browser connection to program. Unfortunately everything has to be done with the App.

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