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Reviewed in Australia on 2 September 2018
Got this to help tidy up our coffee pods. We've found that while it looks nice, functionally its let down by the drawer mechanism which is EXTREMELY stiff. In particular closing the last 2 inches or so is rather difficult. The effort required to then open or close it again causes pods to flip or bounce up and in term get jammed (further making it harder to open or close) or to be partially crushed and deformed.

We're going to look at adding some lubricant to the rail and see if that helps, but out of the box I find it hard to recommend this unit. Its essentially a drawer but the fundamental aspect of being able to open and close it is so deficient as to make it unpleasant to use.

Update: Bumping to a 3 after taking a further look and identifying the issue. The drawer is connected to a rail via the back of the drawer only with nothing at the front. This mechanism is essentially two balls, one on each side, that slides under two rails. The reason our drawer has been so stiff is that the front of the unit has rubber feet to elevate the unit about half a centimetre of the bench top (and probably to avoid scratching) however these feet are missing at the rear. As a result when the drawer is almost closed, those two balls mentioned previously that are under the rail are protruding past the base of the unit and scraping along the counter top. This friction is why the unit was hard to operate. To remedy this I've added some improvised feet to the rear of the unit to elevate it similar to how the front is, and this appears to have made the unit 10 times more functional and it now opens and closes fine.

Bumping to 3 since I had to make this modification and it should have shipped with the feet, but it is better than it was. If it had come with those missing bits then I'd probably say the unit should be a 4 - 5 star as it seems to work now that I've made those changes.
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