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Reviewed in Australia on 9 May 2020
The Garnier hair food products smell too strongly. I can only use the papaya one. I have tried this macadamia one, and the banana one - And while they all work well, the smell is horrifically strong - a very strong Bergamot type smell that literally gives me asthma. I do have perfume allergies - So unfortunately cannot use any of Garniers products - except for the Papaya hair food. I don’t know why companies feel they have to soak their products in stinky stuff. Just give us scent free products… If we want it to smell we can add essential oils to it ourselves. Or at least consider having a scent free product line. Products smell so badly today - there’s just no getting away from it - not only do they interfere with the functioning of our olfactory sense - they can, and do cause asthma related issues. Its absolutely perturbing to me how much perfume people feel they need. Personally, as a woman, there is nothing nicer than the natural scent of a man and the natural environment. Try going scent free for a while and you will be amazed. Sorry for the rant - it’s just so difficult to find products, good products, that don’t have perfume. And I’m tired of wasting my money.
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