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Reviewed in Australia on 11 December 2019
When they arrived I was pretty happy it came fast and on a first look the product seemed to be of high quality. After a few days of use:

- Earbuds would become uncomfortable and would make my ears hot (this might be due to Australian weather) but none the less was bad to use during extended periods
- When putting them back you had to hold the backs of the earbuds for 7~ seconds, which at first doesn't seem bad, but doing it everyday gets very tedious and annoying
- The voice assistant for turning on and off the earbuds and when they pair to each other also gets annoying after listening to it multiple times a day (seems like a very specific and odd con)
- The left earbud stopped working, it was charging fine, and would connect, but no music would play

Overall the physical quality of the product was very good, and besides the left earbud not working for me it's a good pair of earbuds, but I would 100% recommend spending an extra $20 - $40 because you will be using these everyday so if one thing is off, it will annoy you, and you only get what your money is worth. After getting my pair refunded i spent $80 on another brand and couldn't be happier.
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