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Reviewed in Australia on 29 June 2020
I am sure if you have a simple network and are OK with things auto-configuring themselves, this WiFi router is fine. However, if you have a nonstandard network (eg. I have my Synology NAS running my DHCP server, and I want to retain my ISP router being accessible on 1.1 with the Eero GW on another IP.. not possible) this device can be a real pain.

Most of the advanced smart router features require you use your ISP modem in bridge mode and let the Eero act as a router, but at least in my case with an Archer V1600v for TPG FTTB, this did not work at all. Instructions state you should start the setup process with your ISP device as a router, get things configured, then change it to bridge mode, but this just resulted in everything going offline. And when the router detects it’s offline, it takes a long time to come back - and the app appears to use your internet connection to configure the router via the cloud, so for me this resulted in endless hard resets, app resets and starting everything from scratch.

Should also note that some of the more interesting features that led me to preorder this aren’t actually available in Australia at all.

In the end after several hours of pain, I gave up and am returning this, and will probably go for a Ubiquiti hotspot instead.
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