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Reviewed in Australia on 19 October 2021
There are some really good ideas in this book, and it is a good read. The idea of setting an upper bound for the work you'll do in one day, as well as a lower bound, is especially helpful.
The book is very accessible, full of chapter summaries and well laid-out tables distilling the key ideas. Author Greg McKeown has clearly put a lot of effort into synthesising his ideas into a coherent framework.

Most people will get at least something out of this book. Certainly I did. So why the four stars, not five? Because in the end, it is still a bit too abstract, and doesn't put enough flesh on the bones in its guidance on how to simplify specific processes. There's a fair bit here that is original, but if you've read a few books on personal productivity and business improvement, the contribution of this one will be incremental.
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