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Reviewed in Australia on 11 August 2021
I have mixed feeling about the Oasis. Apart from the very expensive price, it has a a few design flaws that seem unnecessary. The metal case is slippery, which makes it hard to hold in one hand. It's also unpleasantly cold in chilly weather. The metal edges are hard and uncomfortable when they press into your hands, which is a problem because there are limited ways to grip the Kindle due to the slippery case.
Both these problems are solved if you add a cover, but that adds weight and is not waterproof.
The metal case has a nice quality feeling but I wish more attention was paid to usability instead of making it feel extra "premium".
Additionally, battery life is only just adequate. If you read every day you'll need to charge every few days, unlike the Paperwhite which can go for weeks between charges.
On the positive side: the screen is superb, the best of any ereader. The backlighting is flawless, and the cool/warm colour selection is excellent. The extra 1" in size over the Paperwhite makes a big difference for me, the screen feels just the right size. The operating speed is noticeably snappier than the Paperwhite. The physical page-turn buttons feel responsive and are not too loud. And despite the ergonomics problems, having a metal case with no flex does feel good to hold and operate.
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