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Reviewed in Australia on 25 August 2019
The bloody thing loses the HDMI arc connection every time and the only way to get it back is to disconnect everything and connect it back. This is the worst product I bought from bose. I checked their community forums and it’s full of similar complaints and the solutions they suggest don’t work!! The thing cannot even find its wireless speakers which like an idiot I bought as well. What a bloody rip off. I will now have to flog them on eBay for half the price I think. Thanks for nothing Bose.

After a few weeks now, I connected the optical cable as well and now the entire thing works!! Including automatically turning on the Tv and off as well!! No idea why connecting the optical cable made such a difference, but everything works now and the sound is great...but I think a subwoofer is needed. Folks, who are having trouble with HDMI etc, just connect an optical cable and everything works for some reason. Also, Bose updates the can now use a google assistant instead of Alexa. I tried GA for a while and went back to Alexa..seems a lot more responsive to me.
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