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Reviewed in Australia on 23 January 2019
I bought this to replace my first generation Paperwhite (2013) as I needed the extra storage capacity. This current device however is a massive downgrade.
1. Significantly slower performance. Both wake-up and page turning is significantly slower, it takes over twice as long to do any function involving a change in the display.

2. Terrible battery drain. Even with the backlight reduced to very low and wifi off, the 10th Gen Paperwhite burns though battery at a rate more comparable to a tablet. My old Paperwhite would last for 2-3 weeks with light and wifi, this device however will be down to 65% after three hours use. And even when asleep it will burn through over 10% a day.

3. Screen responsiveness is poor, with touches often not registering, or "banking up" multiple gestures then turning three pages all at once.

4. The power button protrudes much more, and is much more easily activated, so both my pinkie finger and resting the device on my lap/stomach when laying down will often press the button.

Having looked through all the FAQ and online help, tweaked settings, it is still poor. Except for the storage, it is significantly worse in every way, and represents a massive downgrade from my five year old Kindle Paperwhite Gen 1.
Very unhappy with this purchase.
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