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Reviewed in Australia on 5 March 2020
The unit is small and relatively inexpensive. I did a test using this unit and the AV to HDMI converter. The resulting image was slightly out of focus and a little larger (about 2-3%) than the original.

I used the two units to split the audio, and clean the audio up from a downloaded video using Apple Logic Pro X in low latency mode and then insert it back into the HDMI video. The video cable went directly from the HDMI to AV converter to the another AV to HDMI unit using a 350mm high quality patch cable.

The audio, however, was about 0.2 seconds in front of the video even though it went through Logic Pro. So even though what I intended the units for didn't work out, I still think the unit is a good buy. The video delay was probably caused by purchasing the wrong units. Possibly I should have gone the way of a fast and more expensive HDMI to RGB and LR module and RGBLR to HDMI module so the video content could move more quickly.

Hope this is of use.
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