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Reviewed in Australia on 29 May 2021
The blurb doesn’t give much away so I had no idea what was in store and boy did it not disappoint!
It was just so well thought out. I imagine some people might find the science a bit too much, but to me it's what makes the book so great! It is imaginative and creative, however everything is explained with science and logic so nothing seemed too unrealistic or farfetched.

I was absolutely hooked from the start. When Ryland wakes up and with no memories, there was so much mystery it was hard to put the book down. I love how the story unfolded and the way Ryland used science and logic to figure things out about himself, where he was and his current situation. The story was told from 2 timelines, Ryland’s current POV and his memories. Normally there is a timeline that is way more exciting, however I felt that there was a good balance as the flashbacks gave context and there wasn’t too much to distract from the main timeline.

Once the mysteriousness of Ryland’s mission wears off, I’m drawn in for a different reason. The unexpected friendship that forms is funny, sweet and heartwarming, one that will stay with me for a long time! I’m normally a fast reader but I had to slow down and savour their moments.

The main characters are so likeable I was rooting for them and I was so touched by their bond. I was more concerned about their wellbeing and upset when they got hurt vs when their mission was in jeopardy, thank god Ryland had his priorities in order!
The twist was unexpected and caught me off guard. I had mixed feelings for Ryland because after all he had been through in the mission I felt there was some injustice for him. However, it did show the contrast of the person he was on earth and the person he had become - someone brave and who had found his purpose, it did create a solid and satisfying ending.

I’m normally more of a romance or psychological thriller fan, however the theme of friendship was the absolute highlight, this book made me want to laugh and cry multiple times. Excuse me while I suffer from the empty feeling after finishing a epic book.
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