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Reviewed in Australia on 17 October 2020
Everything worked out of the box. I also used a wired network adaptor and everything was easy, except sound. I would actually like to only give 3.5 as sound is a big deal in movies.
All I could get through the ARC channel, when the FS Lite was plugged into a TV HDMI slot, was PCM and while OK was not as good as the 5.1 surround native to the movie streamed. Perhaps on current TVs with the eARC rather than just ARC it works better.
I then plugged the FS Lite into my Onkyo system directly and was greeted with Dolby surround sound.
Unfortunately, every time the FS Lite "sleeps" (which is recommended to save power) it reverts to PCM on awakening and has to be restarted to return again to the Dolby surround.
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