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Reviewed in Australia on 7 December 2018
I bought this during the Cyber Monday deals since I've been curious about this device for a while. I had previously experienced VR through an Oculus Rift we have at work, PSVR at home, and also trying out various little experiences on Google Cardboard. Up until now, VR has *never* grabbed me... I could never see the appeal. The main barrier for me was also the hassle of setup, and annoying cables, and just a generally clunky experiences (e.g. taking headset on/off to fiddle with synching PS Move controllers, and to change game discs, etc). VR just always felt like too much trouble. The idea of the Oculus Go as a self contained, easy to use unit really appealed to me... but after my experiences to date, I was not sure I would use it much... But I wanted to try anyway... Well, I was so happy to be proven wrong!

Since getting the Oculus Go, I have used it everyday, and everytime until the battery ran out, and I always find myself wanting more... and wanting it to hurry up and recharge already!!

The Go is super easy to use. Just put it on like a pair of goggles... and you're instantly in your own VR world. There's no wires. It's very convenient. The built-in speakers are great. (It is very convenient not to need headphones.) I also love the Oculus Go's user interface. While you're in VR, you can easily start and switch between apps. You can also download new apps. There are a lot of apps to try, and there is a lot of streaming content that you can browse and access right away. I am never bored when I'm using the Go. There's so much to find and discover. I feel like I can stay in VR forever! :P

The VR YouTube app is a highlight. There is SO much VR content on YouTube. You can be there for hours streaming the videos... As it's streaming, it's like your regular YouTube browsing experience. You can easily jump into a VR video, check it out for a bit, and move on if it's not for you, and try something else. There's so much to try. I've found a bunch of things that I love already. (One awesome thing with the VR YouTube app is that you can save videos for "offline" use. So you can cache a bunch of cool things to show your friends.)

The Netflix app is another highlight! You will find yourself in a comfy lodge watching Netflix on a 100 inch TV! It's really comfortable, and I was surprised that I like watching shows in VR on the Oculus Go more than watching them on my laptop screen! It's comfortable, immersive, and feels like you've escaped into a private retreat. (I look forward to trying this on a plane!)

There are various movie player apps available (including a built in one) to play movie files that you copy onto the Oculus Go, and it is fantastic watching those in the VR cinema!

There are also a lot of games available. The games are more basic than games that you'd find on PSVR or Oculus Rift, but they are fun and a great way to get into VR.

All in all, I've been super impressed with the device. It's built well, its software is well designed. It's a nice device, and this is the first time I've been excited about the future of VR.

The Oculus Go is really great bang for buck! You get a lot for what it costs. I definitely recommend it.
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