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Reviewed in Australia on 20 April 2020
I originally bought a fairly cheap set of "sports" BT5 earbuds on eBay. They looked good in the glossy pictures and the "3 contact point" design that remains firmly in your ear when exercising sounded great, but when they arrived, what a shock. Problems: 1. They would not turn on when removed from the cheap and nasty case 2. The buttons were so hard to press I could not answer calls 3. They kept falling out of my ears 4. Everything about the earbuds and the case was cheap and nasty including the tinny sound and absent bass. So I returned them and decided to get something a bit more expensive. I chose the SoundPeats Trueshift2 for two main reasons: 1. The excellent reviews on Amazon 2. the little "ears" to stop them falling out. I know this is going to sound like Soundpeats paid me for this review but I assure you I'm a genuine purchaser. The soft close charging box felt premium immediately. They paired perfectly with my Galaxt S10+ right out of the box. I was immediately impressed with the sound quality. Not tinny at all and reasonable bass (ample for me, but not huge). The touch buttons are a joy to use and everything works perfectly. I can use both earbuds together for a quality stereo sound or I can use either the left or the right if I just want to be able to receive phone calls and still hear whats going on around me. Unlike those eBay cheapies everything just works, I have not had to fiddle with them once. Best of all they are a perfect snug fit and never feel like they are going to move, let alone fall out. They come with 3 pairs or eartips and 3 pairs of retaining ears so everyone should be able to get a good fit. I am a very satisfied customer and would recommend these to anyone (unless you really want a big bass sound).
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