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Reviewed in Australia on 27 April 2020
After using an Oricom monitor for our first born, I knew exactly what I we needed in a new baby monitor and I was excited to move onto a product developed in the 21st century (Oricom hasn't changed their products for the last 10+ years!).

Whilst initially excited after an initial play with the Nannio Comfy, two days in and unfortunately there are some cons that mean it isn't the absolute power-house unit it could be (still much better than the Oricom though).

- The temp gauge is seriously stuffed. It is at least 6 degrees off and strangely, when we turn the air-con on, it has the adverse affect of increasing the temperature on this unit <?>. It renders the use of the temperature alerts to be pointless. Super disappointing as this was one of the key reasons for purchasing this unit.
- There is no way to turn off the green LED lights on the main unit. This causes a source of bright light in our room, we've resorted to trying to cover them up with sticky tape.
- The placement of the 'lullaby' button directly next to the volume button means I almost have a heart attack every time I try to adjust the volume
- No cradle holder for the main unit. It's super easy to pop the Oricom into the cradle, we now have to scour the floor for the power cable to connect back into this unit

- Picture quality is outstanding, particularly vs. the Oricom
- Distance seems to be solid
- Slightly cheaper than the alternatives
- Beautiful design - love the integrated wood look
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4.6 out of 5
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