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Reviewed in Australia on 2 September 2020
We’ve had this little guy for a few weeks now and already it’s had a huge workout. We have a family of four boys under 10 and there’s always things being dropped on the floor. The suction of this vacuum is much stronger than our old (better known brand) robot vacuum and can pick up game pieces, glass (not recommended but it does) and the actual stuff that you want it to. 😀 And thankfully I can check through the content as I empty the catcher when finished. Despite it’s strong suction however, the opening space is obviously limited due to it being a little vacuum and those larger items can often get caught on its way into the catcher, causing it to go into error mode. But that’s my fault for leaving those objects on the floor before switching it on.
Within the first few days the error code went off a lot and I felt like it was going to be something that wouldn’t be usable when we left the house but since then we’ve figured out what it can handle and what it can’t and it’s been fine (ie anything “stringy” is a no go because it stops the rotating rush).
Something that may cause a problem for others is that it doesn’t go in a clear pattern, just anywhere. But it runs for a long time and covers my large space very well. Sometimes it misses spots but for the most part it cleans well. I have never had it bump into walls and it has a great sense of steps and has not fallen off the edge so far. It gives itself a decent leeway when it first senses a wall but will edge itself closer next time around. And for any edges it misses you can simply set it to edges only the next time around.

All in all I’m very happy with this vacuum. By no means is it a replacement for pull along vacuums but as an everyday, keep the surface clean so you can avoid lugging the big one around all the time, type vacuum, I love it. And the fact that it’s much cheaper than the big known brands and still works well, I’m more than happy to suggest it to others.
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