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Reviewed in Australia on 24 January 2019
Initially almost 9 months back when I bought this product, I was extremely happy but it didn't stay for long. I started experiencing voice disconnect in between, and most of the annoying thing was that while I am on business call all of the sudden voice during call will sound like garbled and you cannot hear or understand anything, and then I have to turn off the device and use the phone directly to stay on call.

I waited for long and thought with new FW upgrade it shall fix the problem, but it has made it more miserable, I have a IOS and Android device on which I use it, often switching from one device to other will have problems, voice gets muted and then I hv to turn off the headset and close the app and open up again to hear the voice again.

This thing has amazing sound if you're only using it for listening to music, however, I am using it often to attend meetings over the phone and other business reasons and here it goes not keep up the expectation the way it should be.

Its performance has degraded over the time, the voice quality has gone really bad, and I am now looking for the refund/return of this product as I believe it has some serious manufacturing defect as I had issues since beginning.
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