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Reviewed in Australia on 18 December 2016
This book is like an encyclopedia of knowledge that I would hand down to my child. I highlighted no less than 50 books I now consider "must reads" and took down more quotes of wisdom, insight and brilliance than I think I'll ever be able to memorize.

Most notably, Tim shares a person passage on suicide. In a world of tech start-ups, billionaires, world class performers and chess prodigies (to paraphrase) this raw, humble and touching part of the book brought me to tears.

I've already recommended this book to the smartest 10 people I know and would definitely consider myself 'one of 1,000 true fans' having read the whole book off my iPhone in 4 days, while accomplishing 4 straight days of meditation for the first time in my life, starting the 5 Minute Journal, religiously making my bed the tidiest in the house, doing my fair share of Wim Hof breathing in the freezing shower of a morning and star gazing therapy before bed at night.

You're changing lives Tim and this book is a triumph!

Thank you.
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