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Reviewed in Australia on 7 April 2020
I have had my Eufy for 18 months or so. It's affectionately referred to as 'Little Dude'. Every day at 3PM, Little Dude takes off to fight the never-ending battle against pet hair. It valiantly navigates around chair legs, under kitchen cabinet overhangs, and through door ways. Sometimes, it gets stuck under a teenager's bed after getting tangled up in a shoe lace and it beeps for help, causing a member of the household to cry "I'm coming, Little Dude" as they race to the rescue. More than once, Little Dude has been found despondently partially hanging over the edge of the stair way. Twice it has fallen down the stairs, but survived. Our dog spent the first few weeks trying to befriend it, and now just ignores it. The cats will only acknowledge its existence if it actually repeatedly bumps into them as they are trying to soak up the sun in front of the window. Little Dude is a familiar and friendly part of the family. And useful! I am surprised at how well it works. All it leaves for me to do is the bits it can't reach, like behind open doors and in tight corners. I'm please we adopted this little fellow into the family.
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