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Reviewed in Australia on 13 August 2018
I installed around 5 of these so far. Install is pretty easy. The thing looks pretty slick, definitely a step up from regular rocker switches. It sits flush against the wall and the glass panel gives it a premium feel.

One quirk is that even though this is a touch switch, it makes a fairly loud clanking noise when you switch it (guessing it's a mechanical switch that gets triggered inside).

Another quirk that may not be obvious is that with this type of switch, there's no tactile feel, so you need to be looking at it to turn it on/off. For the one-gang it doesn't matter so much, but for a three gang, if you're used to just feeling for the right button without looking, you'll need to retrain yourself a little.

The always-on blue/red led is a nice touch, though note that if you're installing one close to your bed and you're light sensitive, it could be irritating. I have a 3 gang switch that's about 1.5m away from my pillow facing me. So I have three blue lights always facing me now.

I haven't tried the ZigBee functions yet, but intend to soon. Though I note the Android Hui App has some pretty bad reviews.. I hope to not experience those issues.

UPDATE: My biggest gripe with these right now is that they make a high pitched electrical hum that's audible from one to two meters away. I started noticing this as I was walking past the switches, and once you notice it, it becomes hard to unhear it. It's more quiet when the switches are on, but more obvious when they're off, which seems a bit weird to me. I'm a little concerned if this is normal or not... or a sign of poor quality that could lead to internal burn-out or worse. The hum happens on all the switches I've had installed so far.
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