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Reviewed in Australia on 30 September 2019
We've been using this for over a year now, and we have never been entirely happy with it. We wanted to return it at the start, but ultimately decided to keep it.

- Slick packaging/presentation + nice colours.
- Great design that attaches to most things (we have it attached to a baby hammock of all things and it works great).
- Video/Audio quality is fine.
- App is quite powerful feature-wise.

- Absolute pain to switch onto a new wifi network.
- Support don't respond to emails.
- Usability of sound machine is incredibly woeful.
- Cry detection does not work. At all.
- Micro USB is such a bad connector... seriously switch to USB-C already!
- It will syphon data at an alarming rate, so switch it to Private mode when/if you don't need access away from home.

Our main use cases were:

1. Cry detection so we would get notified via notifications on our phone, instead of having to always listen out like our old monitor. Well the cry detection never worked for our baby, maybe she has a weird cry, who knows but it did not notify us twice when she was crying her lungs out and we were outside. Decibel detection would be trigger randomly and didn't work when the camera was playing any sound.

2. Sound machine to play white noise. This is built in to the camera, and is more than loud enough, however it is a total pain to enable it. You've got to fire up the app, and click on about 4 options before you can press play on a sound, and then if you want to change the volume you need to do that all again. It's just awful. In the last year the app has been redesigned twice and this crucial feature hasn't been touched. We would appreciate volume + play/pause controls on the homepage of the app, thanks! To make matters worse, the sound machine will randomly switch on and off from time to time, for no reason.

3. Portability. We wanted to take it out with us to other peoples places. While this works fine, and it's small enough and easy to disconnect (but annoying to reconnect thanks to micro USB), the process to connect it to a new wifi network is really bug prone. More than once I just gave up on it.

So you'll see it basically failed all our use cases. Which is a shame, and we probably should have returned it, however it attaches to our baby hammock so well. It does allow us to use the video monitor functionality and we have learned to cope with the short comings and usability pitfalls with operating the sound machine. Plus our babes doesn't let us travel as much as we would like too.
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