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Reviewed in Australia on 21 February 2021
Great item for puppies (or small dogs/ cats.) All the seams are on the outside so there is nothing your pet can chew on to cause harm to themselves. I would only recommend this for a temporary housing and not for long hours, more so you can have piece of mind while you need to get a quick task done want want to put your puppy safe.

My puppy was 7 weeks old when I got her, and she took to this right away, was not put off or scared but the enclosure and she uses it as another option to sleep in--like a kennel-as there is a door that can be zipped open or closed on the outside. There is also a mesh roof that can be attached by zipper.

Item easily folds out/ closed so can be moved easily, yet it is very light and well made that it can just be picked up and carried from room to room.

Great item that gave me piece of mind when I needed to place my puppy somewhere safe while I had to get things done... which with such a young puppy, was hard to do before I got this.

Bought this at around 1030pm and it arrived by 10 the next morning. Absolutely fantastic service!
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