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Reviewed in Australia on 30 April 2020
I'm not a Liberal party voter, but when Malcolm Turnbull became our prime minister I was happy after the fool he replaced that we all endured for several years. We now had an intelligent, articulate man with a great vision for our country with a wonderful command of the English language, I really enjoy listening to him speak.

Little did we know the liberal right and certain parts of the media would go to any lengths to stop Australia progressing into all it can be and derailing Malcolm's vision, so reading this book and seeing everything play out over the years and the lengths the liberal right and others went to in undermining Malcolm Turnbull really came at no surprise to me.
Coal is dead as a source to generate electricity. Nearly every Australian, scientists, the business community accept this except the liberal party and the national party and the right-wing media. We need to move to natural gas and a mix of renewables. What we need is a system that can be brought online quickly if the sun doesn't shine or the wind doesn't blow due to changes in the daily weather, this can be achieved so there is no power blackouts.
The liberal party hates progression in this country, just look at the joke of an NBN most of us have ended up with due to them giving a substandard service to the majority of Australians, when a smaller country like NZ is giving every resident fiber to the node right to their houses.
I would love to see Malcolm Turnbull re-enter politics but as a member of the labor party, won't that rub salt into the wound and be able to achieve a lot more of his vision with the labor party that he had for our great country.
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