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Reviewed in Australia on 20 March 2019
My toy poodle barks A LOT! If I’m in the same room, I can tell him to be quiet and he will (usually). The issue I had was at night when he roamed the house and we were asleep. He would hear noises and bark non stop. As we are sleeping in another room, I would have to get up and tell him to be quiet, but he would always start barking again an hour later. After many nights of interrupted sleep I was tearing my hair out. I bought the collar and tested it during the day. We had someone ring the doorbell and our dog did his usual trick of running and barking like crazy. The collar beeped and he didn’t hear it! He barked again and the next beep, it made him pause, but he barked again so the collar buzzed. This made him stop and look around surprised. We rang the doorbell again and this time, it took 2 beeps to make him stop. When someone came to the door in the evening, one beep and he stopped barking. That night, I heard him bark once and stop immediately. It works!!! Now we only put the collar on at night. Our dog knows when we are switching collars. He immediately behaves differently and moderates his barking. During the day, he barks as usual and I don’t mind as I like him to alert me if someone is approaching the house. At night, we can finally sleep!
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