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Reviewed in Australia on 16 March 2020
CNC machines can do amazing things when given a template a sturdy substrate but after the pieces are cut, it's up to the OEM to put them together so they don't place your AUD$6K MacBook at risk of death.

1 star is a brutal rating, I get it. The product is $19 so I should go easy on the seller, right? There is a cost effective production of a good-enough product and there is just cheap. What we have here is the latter, and an "Amazon Recommends/Choice" product too which brings into doubt the criteria required to meet such a delegation.

As brutal as it may be, let's take the five star system as +/- one star for a negative or positive feature about the product. You start with five and you can both gain, and lose, stars.

+1: Price, spot on.
+1: Choice of material and machining (bamboo + CNC, no brainer).
-2: 2 x defective fans
-2: 2 x defective tightening screws
-1: Laptop fell off stand as it collapsed due to above con.
-1: Poorly machined storage drawer that is difficult to open.
-1: Choice to keep the legs rounded vs. flat, making the surface unstable (castors could've mitigated this one).
-1: Viewing angle. The cantilever mechanism puts your laptop at an angle, at least for me and several others on different machines, in a way that is either obstructive or unergonomic.
-1: Unoriginal design, executed poorly.

If you're giving this item more one star I can only assume your fans work. This is a mass produced, laser cut, assembled template. Variations between its actual function will be minimal and to get the price point where it is, too many corners were cut. Spend a few extra bucks and don't risk your valuable electronics over this landfill-destined excuse of a laptop stand.
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