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Reviewed in Australia on 19 May 2020
I thought that this toy would provide a more affordable alternative to some of the more expensive cat toys I've been using lately.

I'll start out with the good first. Your cat will technically play with this thing. That is to say, if you attach feathers to a spinning mechanism at the end of a piece of string, a cat will probably chase it. Does that mean you should by this product over the pricier alternatives? No, absolutely not. As it turns out, there is a reason why replacement heads for these wand toys usually cost about as much as this seven-pack is being sold for.

For starters, let's talk about the heads. Utterly cheap, I can't imagine they'd survive many play sessions, not that I could even test that theory, as you'll see shortly. One of the heads even had visible glue marks on it, just to give it that authentic cheapy feel. Almost every toy has a bell of some kind as well, and there is no easy way to remove it, so if your cat doesn't like noisy toys, you're completely out of luck.

And as others have pointed out, the inclusions of additions such as googly eyes for a toy that is meant to go in an animal's mouth is utterly unacceptable and gives the impression that this product is simply trying to imitate more successful wand designs, rather than having any understanding of should and should not go into a toy designed for cats.

Now, I could forgive the heads being cheaper if it wand itself was convenient to use. I've bought a few of these now, and I was hoping that the variety of heads on display here would allow for some additional options when it came to playtime. To throw these in here when the cats got bored of their more expensive toys. Alas, I can't even perform further tests with this toy as the wand is utterly unusable, and I do mean that on a mechanical level.

First and foremost, the build quality of the wand is about as cheap as you'd expect. I'm certain that the feather heads have more weight than the actual pole does, and the retraction mechanism barely holds itself in place and will retract on its own if you don't make sure to meticulously tighten it by hand. But again, I could deal with these annoyances if the wand hadn't rendered itself within about five minutes of use.

The most fatal flaw of this toy is the head swapping. As I mentioned before, I was having trouble getting my cats to actually play with the toys, so I was swapping out the various heads to see which ones they responded to best; a task that was rendered utterly infuriating via the single fiddliest locking mechanism I've ever come across, with everything being held in place by what is essentially a very flimsy baby pin that requires you to REALLY dig your thumbnails in order to operate it.

Fortunately for my thumbs, I wouldn't have to put up with that torture for much longer, as the metal clip that was holding everything in managed to bend itself to the point of sealing itself off from locking again. I repeat. The swappable heads on the swappable head wand toy are now blocked from being swapped. I'm not joking when I say that I have gotten packs of baby pins that held up better than this. This toy is now functionally useless; I can still technically play with it, but the heads would come loose, and I think there were enough joking hazards with the googly eyes, so no thanks.

The best thing about this delivery was all the Kongs I bought to become eligible for free shipping. I honestly feel like all the five-star reviews on here must have received a completely different toy, because the only thing I can recommend about this toy is that you stay far, far away from it.

Look at Jackson Galaxy's range of wand toys or Go-Cat or literally any other name brand wand toy, just stay far away from this one. Even if with free shipping, I feel like I've wasted my money on this.
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