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Reviewed in Australia on 10 January 2019
Over the last few weeks I have started purchasing products from Amazon. When the product is fine, the experience is fine. But when things aren't working, Amazon is useless as a company. If you have a troubleshoot problem, unless it is spelled out for you in their help section, you are on your own. Look around... there isn't an Amazon number or email to contact if you have a problem. And this is a company that apparently has great customer support. They don't even have a hotline?

So my Amazon Fire Tv stick came, thinking this is a straight plug and play device, I was very wrong.
The Amazon App works fine. The netflix app doesnt work. It says error. Please contact netflix. I can't find Stan, and there is no search tool. Meanwhile, even though all my settings are "Australia", for some reason almost all the apps are Chinese.

I don't know what to do.

What a headache.

Edit: upon seeing my review, amazon contacted me and resolved my issue. That’s great. It appears there are avenues to seek help afterall. However, I remain critical that amazon seems to have a “like it or return it” attitude. I don’t see any easy-to-click assistance option on my orders. Situations like this, I just needed a little human customer support to get me over the line. Thanks anyway
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