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Reviewed in Australia on 12 May 2020
Don't bother unless you're expressly seeking a timer that's -only- visible in broad daylight when within range of it's assigned echo device and connected to a network with an active internet connections, like omg, seriously? It's about as smart as a pet rock when without it's assigned echo device, it's single assigned echo device, meaning if you own 2+ echos then only one can interact with it, again, seriously?! Unless you're going for that 'overpriced understated' decor, like buying a $50 replica of a $5 clock, this isn't the clock you're looking for.

I honestly really wanted to like it, but anything likable about it has little to do with the clock, and more to do with the echo device it's assigned to. It doesn't even take advantage of the potential it has on offer, and after couple weeks I've still found no way to configure it beyond asking your echo device to 'set it up', which involves Alexa telling you to get the clock and hold down the button on the back, then the clock hands make a big show of spinning around, which far as I can tell is just to make it seem more fancy than what it is, like a used car salesman rolling back the odometer on a lemon, then after a couple minutes your lemon is set to the right time.

3 months later... I do use it because it's obnoxiously bright when 60minutes left as opposed to the subtle timer in corner of echo show display. This showed further limitations as I've replaced batteries twice, so that's 4xAA every month which is just silly but, I do set a 8hr timer each day, which means 7hours of a single static LED and it's generally cancelled with 45'ish minutes remaining.

I showed it to my mum and told her it has timer. And the conversation went something like this;
me: You can set timer with alexa.
mum: That's handy! *looks at clock* Alexa set 5 minute timer.
me: You need to set it with echo device.
mum: *looks at echo* Alexa, set 5 minute timer.
me: no, no, you need to say it to the other echo
mum:Oh..okay. alexa, set 5 minute timer.
alexa: 5 minutes, starting now.
me: It work? Should light up.
mum: No. Did you realize it's set to the wrong time?
me: What? *looks at clock* oh crap the batteries are dead.
Now whenever she sees the echo clock she chuckles to herself :,(

I did slap some glow in the dark paint on it but at this point it's putting lipstick on a pig.
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