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Reviewed in Australia on 28 September 2021
This is the first King book I’ve read and at first I didn’t think I was going to be gripped by it. However, as the tale of the hit man with a moral code unfolds it’s impossible not to be drawn in. He’s performed the hit by about 30%: what could the rest of the story be about? Well, life is complicated by rescuing a rape victim and by discovering the back story of why the hit was necessary. This involves a nefarious media mogul who’s somewhat reminiscent of Rupert Murdoch (who will not be appreciating the portrayal). In between times, he finds his cover as an aspiring author isn’t. Because in writing about his early life and his time as a marine in Iraq he becomes a real author - of a story that can never be published. The story has two endings: the fake one finished by the girl he saves and the real, sadder one. Good stuff, and there’s only one minor bit of supernaturalness to it. That’s what put me off reading other books by King.
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