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Reviewed in Australia on 31 July 2019
Received the latest Oasis after my Voyage was bricked during a software update. The Voyage was good but the Oasis is even better. The large 7” screen is very crisp, and the ability to control warmth is amazingly good. This really makes a difference on the contrast and subjectively feels easier on the eyes. It looks even more like paper than I imagined. The uniformity of illumination is excellent too - you cannot see any brightness variation across the entire display. Superb.
I love the physical design of the Oasis, where you can grab the thicker part with one hand, without covering the display. The buttons have just the right feel, however they are a tiny bit louder than ideal (I’m waiting for my wife to complain). Don’t get me wrong, the buttons are quiet, but not as quiet as the pressure-sensitive feature of the Voyage. Having the weight on one side reduces its tendency to want to twist out of your hand. The build quality is definitely premium compared to your standard kindle.
Is it worth a $200 (AUD) premium over the paperwhite? This is a hard question. I got a 20% discount because of the Voyage failure, and I read every single day, so I’m glad I spent the extra money. For most casual readers, who don’t mind the white/grey display of the paperwhite, I would save your money.
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4.4 out of 5
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