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Reviewed in Australia on 28 July 2016
I had heard lots of great feedback about this book, I bought it on the off chance that there may actually be something behind this 'manifesting' woo-woo. I started my own business six months ago having previously sub contracted to other people.
I wanted to take my client base and earning potential to the next level but every effort was met with a heap of blocks and self sabotage.
This book breaks down those barriers, it a funny, sweary, totally Denise way and helps you explore the self imposed blocks; identify and declutter the limiting beliefs you impose on yourself and allow to be imposed upon you by others. It gives you a step by step guide to manifesting every goal you have in your life - I have applied the same principles and swapped 'money' for health/weight loss/relationships. It works every time.

In the first week of applying Denise's methods my income increased 200% and meant I was well on my way to having my first six figure year EVER. (Last financial year I wasn't even half way towards that kind of income!) Not too bad for a part-time working single mum!
Denise knows her stuff, it sounds and feels easy and it is totally fun. Be prepared for some MAJOR a-ha moments and maybe some tears (there were plenty for me when I realised and released some deeeeep money blocks) but if you are ready to listen, dig in and apply the work, you too will start feeling like, and being called, a Lucky Bitch.
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