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Reviewed in Australia on 1 September 2019
My entire childhood was guided by the unseen hand of my fathers sadness. While the presence of any one of an infinite array of complication can cause unrest in the hearts of men, this was different, it was a longing. An absence that dimmed his eyes and slumped his shoulders. In my early 20’s I received a call from my father telling me that he had reconnected with his best friend from childhood and this man would be attending a BBQ. The conversation was strange, while the topic of another cast member joining my fathers troop of players for his annual production was nothing new there was something else. He was smiling at hen he spoke. I did wonder where this gentleman had been for the last 20 years but seeing I had only just reconnected with a friend I hadn’t seen in a quarter of my then short life I decided to not dwell on it. Finally the day of the BBQ arrived and out of a sense of curiosity I chose a seat directly across from my fathers long lost friend. The first thing to come out of this mans mouth was probably the most idiotic and insulting thing I have ever heard. The man had paid 120 dollars for a gold plated hdmi cord. I tried to explain how the cords word but he just wouldn’t hear it. The conversation ended when I realised one irrefutable fact. This man is an idiot. It’s no coincidence that I found myself on amazon buying a 3 pack of hdmi cords over a decade later. These cords are reasonable on price and exceptional on quality; not because they are gold plated but because they work. My father still invites his friend to BBQs and I still make idol conversation with him about movies and work but the whole time I’m usually preoccupied wondering how much money this guy has spent on HDMI cords.
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