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Reviewed in Australia on 1 September 2019
Items arrived very quickly and received a nice email from seller requesting a review in exchange for an extra camera which is an amazing deal!

Items look very sturdy and I'm impressed with the quality of the look and feel of both the camera and monitor. They are a lovely white colour with matching wood trim. The camera is big and I love how you can change the direction it's pointing at with the monitor remote. The monitor has a nice ergonomic design with the shape being an inbuilt stand so can easily place it on a surface and watch it hands free. I prefer having a monitor and remote that is separate to my phone as I like to have my phone free to play music, use as a phone etc.

Images on the monitor are clear and very nice to look at. There is also a zoom button to zoom in once. It even works well in the dark. We tested the range from different rooms and the reception is good. I haven't tested the battery life of the monitor yet as my baby is in the newborn stage and still sleeping in our room.

The camera is only mains powered and is not battery powered. The camera also plays lullaby music to the baby and it is a good volume. You can also speak to the baby through the monitor and comes out of the camera but is not very loud. I'm not sure if that volume is adjustable.

This product is only $99 and I think it is better than the ones available at baby bunting or the other main baby stores that are the same price (and they have much smaller monitors) and is probably comparable to the more expensive set ups ($200+). I'm very impressed with this item and so far very happy with the product.

UPDATE: It's now the 14/05/2020 and 8+ months since I purchased this item. It's still working perfectly. I used this monitor intensively every day and night for about 6 months and it was great.

I don't really use it anymore as my baby is 9 months old, is pretty strong and able to move his head and body well so I'm not worried about him while sleeping.

When my baby was younger with this monitor I could go outside and hang out the washing or play with my dog during naps as the reception would reach that far. I loved the function to pan the camera so I could see him when he rolled over or moved when playing or sleeping and I was then able to do things like wash the dishes. I also liked how I could zoom in when he was sleeping to check that his chest was going up and down as I was a bit paranoid about SIDS. And this was great as I could check while I was in bed in the other room.

The only thing I didn't like about the monitor was that I found it too easy to accidentally turn on the music when my baby was sleeping. I wish the button to turn the music on was in a completely different place than the other buttons or you would need to go to the menu and select music. I woke up my baby a few times by accidentally pressing the music, this was a little stressful especially in the middle of the night. But this was very minor and if I had my choice again I would buy this monitor.
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