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Reviewed in Australia on 29 April 2020
I really want to like this camera. Truly... It has a great, versatile design: an app that is packed with features and is generally quite functional. The issue for me has been connectivity and customer support. We bought this camera in early February just before our daughter was born. I placed it on her cot where it seemed to be working fine. Since our daughter is still quite young, she hasn't really left our sight, so I haven't really needed to rely on the Lollipop until recently. My daughter is now getting to the age where we can leave her to sleep for longer periods of time. She is still too small for her cot so I moved the camera to her bassinet near our bed... BIG MISTAKE!!!

The very instant I disconnected the camera from the wall outlet, all of my troubles with this device began. When I plugged it back in, it would not pick up a connection. I assumed this is because it was out of range of the wifi signal. My next step was to try and setup the connection from scratch. The signal strength in the bedroom (according to the lollipop) was a bit low and I kept getting a connection error. I then moved it next to my router to establish the connection. Still wouldn't work. I then setup hotspots on multiple mobile phones and tried these. Still wouldn't work. After a few hours of torturing myself trying to get this connection up and running again, I gave up and tried contacting customer service. Understandably they assumed that I am not very tech savvy and gave me basic troubleshooting steps, which were not at all helpful. It seems I'm masochistic by nature, so I decided to have another crack at setting it up (powering it down for a few hours seems to have been the ticket).

Great, I thought... I didn't want to run into this problem again, so I went out and bought another router, specifically to setup an access point right next to the camera. I setup the camera and all was well until the next day.

I looked at my phone and received a notification that the camera was disconnected... Sh#t... Powered it off and on again and I got my connection back. A few hours later, the same thing happened. Not only was it dropping the connection, but it was not picking it back up again unless I powered it on and off.

The point of a baby monitor is to monitor the baby when you are not physically with said baby. How can you trust a device to do this if it intermittently disconnects and doesn't reconnect! I have no sense of security with this device in place. It is unacceptable.

Today I'm having the same problem as before where it simply won't connect to any network. I've really had enough with this device. Yesterday and today I have been trying to contact customer service and I'm afraid they are just going to give me basic troublehooting that doesn't work! They have not yet responded. There is clearly a problem with this device's wifi module. If I do not hear back from them today, I will return and expect a full refund. I cannot rely on this monitor to watch over my child.
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