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Reviewed in Australia on 12 July 2021
Beautifully printed and bound. Dark red cloth hardback cover with illustrated sleeve. In my opinion, the printing and typesetting are very attractive, with the chapter titles in red ink to match the cover. The font is both attractive and optimally legible. The paper feels like it’s good quality; slightly thicker than your standard paperback and very clean and white. It feels lovely on your fingers. The illustrations are beautiful and in full colour. Includes a Bible-style bookmark string (also red). I believe it is worth spending a little bit more for a nice illustrated, hardback book over the paperback - I think it really enhances the experience of reading from a physical book (as many of us who still enjoy physical books do it for a better experience than the cheaper and more convenient ebooks). I definitely recommend this edition if you are going looking to buy the individual volumes one by one (rather than all three in a single book or a box set).
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