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Reviewed in Australia on 16 January 2019
Being a first time VR purchase, as early models were extremely expensive and required a powerful computer+cables.
Oculus have done a great job with the Go. Portable, easy to use and at a great entry price.
With a better resolution than most Top end headsets, I decided to try out VR.
Using the controller is very accurate and feels natural. Device could be a bit lighter, but the strap comfortable and is well designed to mask the weight.

First thing I did was watch a 4k video on the youtube app. Image quality was as expected great, with the image appearing cinema size infront of you(you can easily adjust the size with the controller). HD videos a bit less impressive.
VR/360/3D video is again not as impressive, even with 4k quality in 360 you can notice pixels.
I admit the novelty has worn off a bit after a month, but still am impressed when I have time put the headset on.
Tried a few games, of course the graphics are not the best. Some may be satisfied with cellphone graphics.

Battery life is decent at around 2 hours, depending on what kind of use. I have not experienced any motion sickness after using, but you would not want to be staring at a phone screen 4cm away for longer than 1-2 hours anyway.

A few tips are required to get the best out of Oculus Go:
1. Use the App to Update firmware. This may happen automatically while charging, otherwise the app will ask you to do it, or you can find it in App settings. This apparently corrects some chromatic abberation (discolouration most noticable on edges of colours).
2. When finished using, hold the power button until the shutdown menu pops up and turn if completely off (alternatively holding the power button for 10+ seconds does the same thing).
This saves a lot of battery when it is not in use. If you take the headset off it automatically goes into standby, but in this mode it is still on, and uses up the battery quite quickly (just leaving it in standby for 3-4 days can use up the battery).
3. Also related to battery, when you plug it in to charge, the device turns itself on once the battery gets to a certain %.
So when its 100% charged, take it off the charger and hold down the power button to shut it down.
In this completely off state, it will lose 1% battery every few days.
4. Putting the device on, pull the bottom part of the loop over the back of your head gently. Sometimes it can feel like its not far enough but it is, pulling to hard will cause the velcro that attaches the single strap that goes over the top of your head to detach, in which case it will not hold, and you will have to take it off and re attach it.
Also the upper part of the loop where this velcro attaches becomes twisted, so after pulling the botton part of loop over the back of your head, feel for the upper part of the loop and just twist it to lie flat on your head.
-The strap here could be improved. It does not have to detach, as there is very little room for adjustment anyway, and the device feels unsupported without it attached. It can be connected permanently.
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