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Reviewed in Australia on 5 July 2021
If you’re struggling with mediocre team performance or wondering how to equip your child for the ever-changing world, rush out and grab this book.
“The power of knowing what you don’t know” is an apt summary of the contents. I have not encountered a book on an abstract topic that is such a captivating read.
The author strides through the different types of thinking in various contexts, such as individual, interpersonal, and collective thinking. He effectively guides the reader to consider the possibility of “thinking about how we think”. By removing impulsive responses, rethinking our position, then considering alternative views, and, when appropriate, refining our perspective will improve outcomes and enhance relationships.
Adopting various approaches to interactions, such as a preacher or prosecutor mode, is likely to alienate our position; however, adopting a curious and scientific approach to proposals from others will increase collaboration and the prospects of consensus.
Adam Grant underscores this standpoint with constructive observations on the remarkable success of teams, with individuals who are comfortable with a high degree of divergence in opinion. They have an ability to gain unanimity by a scientific approach of questioning, considering all proposed alternatives then agreeing on the optimal solutions. This contrasts with current norms where teams often have a dominant individual whose ideas are adopted as the group falls in line, ceding to position power. The ability to fully utilise the diversity of knowledge and opinion is compelling.
Adam Grant has exciting insights on education for parents, highlighting the advantages of delivering an environment filled with continuous review and improvement processes. The mundane delivery of facts via lectures is removed with future generations collaborating and reviewing ideas within a team setting. The focus on process rather than the individual will serve them and society far more effectively.
Rethinking how we interact has the power to open up paths that accumulate, distil and distribute the collective greatness of individuals and teams and offers a viable alternative to the extreme polarization of the modern world.
In the must-read category – a few times and then share with those around you!
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