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Reviewed in Australia on 4 January 2019
The "Rolls-Royce" of Door Bells for mine, including the Rolls Royce price, This is the device to get, having the removable batteries to recharge is most helpful, the Ring One requires you to unmount the whole device to recharge it and the Ring Pro requires the device to be hard wired in (the Ring 2 can be hardwired if you so wish). I have had door stop conversations with people at my front door when I have been all over the Globe, it all works great.

You need to make sure you have better than about 2Meg upstream on your internet so ADSL (in any form) will work, but not very well. works perfectly on my NBN service. I know it's an extra expense but a Ring Pro Chime will be a big helps as it creates it's on 2.4GHz Wifi Network for your Ring devices. The other thing you need to be aware of is you have to pay for cloud storage if you want to store videos of people at your front door. I do think this is a necessity if a somewhat annoying additional cost.

All in all, cost aside it's a great device.
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