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Reviewed in Australia on 16 September 2019
Will be comparing to Thremapen which is about 10x more expensive. Overall I would probably first buy this thermometer than a Thermapen just due to the the fact cons don't make up for the price difference.

* fast enough for most applications
* accurate, came within 0.5C between boiling and icy water
* has a strong enough magnet, holds well on the fridge
* overall good enough to cook a perfect steak or anything really
* sensitive tip, again not as sensitive as Thermapen but good enough

* Build quality could be better. Comparing to Thermapen it's like comparing a FischerPrice toy to a cheap toy from a dollar shop. Expect plastic to start cracking
* Not as fast as Thermapen, i.e. stabilizes within 3-4 seconds where Thermapen is about 1 sec
* the tip could be thinner and sharper
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4.7 out of 5
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